You'll Never Bet Alone Roar!!!

Hear the betting men Roar

What a weekend for the betting men. If you had of followed any of the betting men last weekend you would have made profit. If you had of followed them all you would have made a lot more profit. Let’s hope it is a sign of things to come this weekend, I myself am really looking forward to the betting men free tips this weekend, I feel a betting men ACCA coming on based on my favourite selections from this week tips.

It is wise sometimes to not to roar to loud, sometimes just sitting quietly smug is the best way. As you all know I went to Munich for Oktoberfest. Settled nicely on the plane around 8:30am after being up at 4am it was a good opportunity to finally relax. Minding my own business, a professional looking man started moaning and abruptly shoving my bags out of his way to make room for his luggage resulting in my nicely folded spurs jacket ending up hanging out the luggage compartment as he closed the door.

I was represented my company and did not want to get kicked off the plane. Through my head the thoughts of grabbing his bag, emptying out the contents and then throwing it at him was very appealing and something I still regret not doing a little bit. Instead I stood up calmly opened the compartment, straightened up my bags, and laying my jacket on top of the chairs in front of him proceeded to glare, whilst very slowly folding my jacket up, not once but twice to make it perfect. Everything happens for a reason; it was very lucky I didn’t roar loudly especially as the gent happened to be part of the same trip as me.

Tonight, sees the continuation of the champions league and I really like the odds for Real, Juve, Napoli, Barca, Liverpool to win and spurs DC in an ACCA over the two days, nice odds at 10/1. Extending it to the Europa I would add in Arsenal, Celtic and Sevilla to win boosting odds to 24/1.

My Double or bust bet this week goes on west ham. Home to crystal palace I think I’ve seen enough from west ham this season to be able to win this one.

My betting men weekly tips for this coming weekend

Banker – Norwich, West ham, and Chelsea all to win. Odds of 7.25/1 are fantastic and all more than possible.

Double up – Liverpool vs Leicester and Spurs vs Brighton to be draws 16/1. Leicester seem more then capable to get something at Anfield and spurs away are more than capable of losing points.

Elite 5-fold – Arsenal -1.5, Real -1.5, man Utd -1.5, Man city -2.5, Sheffield Utd +0.5. Odds for this beauty is 41.96/1. I really can’t see why this wouldn’t happen.

Long shot – man city to win 5-1. Odds 22/1

Good luck this week everyone. Lots of football to look forward to this week, can’t be worst then last nights game hey!

You'll Never Bet Alone Nein Ten

Nien Ten

It’s been a funny old week. I brought some new spectacles, I really liked them, felt really confident and happy. When I got home my wife said you look like a murderer. After regaining her own eyesight through all the tears having found herself hilarious, she composed herself, googled the lovely bones film and showed me the lead character Stanley Tucci as George Harvey. Sometimes things just do not go to plan.

I feel like what is the point going through all that time and effort choosing out specs, trying them on only to look like a murderer. A bit like I do not understand why Man City would go through all that effort to only score 8. I say only because spurs beat Wigan 9-1, and Man Utd beat Ipswich 9-0. If they had scored 10, I would have won my 450/1. I had a feeling that we were going to see a reaction, and that was going to be the record number of goals in the premiership, reaction we did see that’s for sure. At least my feeling for Man city’s reaction was closer than my prediction of my wife’s reaction to my new look.

I have been fortunate enough this past weekend to have had a trip out to Oktoberfest. I thought it best I leave my new spectacles at home as I wanted to get past the airport security, not get to know a rubber glove intimately. Despite this well thought out plan on the way out there I set off the scanner alarm. My left foot was lit up like a hammers fans facebook account after Sunday’s result. In one way it distracted me from thinking, whilst standing in the scanner looking at the security lady, just what are you smiling at love? Winter is coming!

This was the one trip I have gone on and packed light, as in the only pair of shoes I have with me is the ones I have on, and I am about to lose one of the two. Ironically, I went to Oktoberfest with work. Since it was arranged the one thing, I have heard every day from my wife is, do not put your foot in it. If only I had paid more attention, or listened more, as the whole sentence may have been “see that shoe over there do not put your foot in it.” Or maybe I trod in something on the way, my fate now rests on a machine analysing a swab of my shoe. Either way I would have been screwed as if I could see where I was walking it would have meant looking like a murderer. In a way its good my wife brought it to my attention as the very last thing I would have wanted whilst going through the scanner at airport control, is anyone recognising me and saying “I really enjoyed the lovely bones!”

It was such a good trip and so many funny stories I will save some for next week. This week I will be starting my double or bust. £25 on an evens bet. For me it is Liverpool -1.5 this weekend. As always look out for free tips from the betting men later in the week.

You'll Never Bet Alone Opposites are not attractive

Opposites are not attractive

Why do people say opposites are attractive? I have never quite understood the saying. Why do people wonder why after the initial attraction, the honeymoon period, you begin to argue. We grew apart is often the excuse, no you didn’t, you had nothing in common in the first the place, it has been two weeks.

We all have are own tastes, hobbies and interests. These are not selected to be mysterious and secretive. They are not selected to throw people of the scent. If you ask for a beef burger and they bring you out a spicy bean burger, you will not turn around and say, oh my thankyou so much that is so attractive. No, you won’t because it is not attractive, if it was that attractive you would have ordered it in the first place.

If you can’t tell by my tone I have been sulking since last weekends results. I was hoping for a great weekend but it would appear, in quite remarkable fashion, that the opposite to everything I predicted happened. Spurs and Man Utd both won to nil, Liverpool decided to draw their first half against Newcastle and Man City, well we all know what happened to them at the weekend. So no, the opposite is not attractive at all, the only time it would be attractive is if I predicted it, but then it would not be opposite then would it, it would have been what I want, not the opposite to what I want, so no opposites do not attract.

If I was you, I would seriously be considering backing Tipster Stevester this week, no pressure on him, but he won yet another week last week, making profit again. He is absolutely flying this season, consistently making profit week in week out. If you do not fancy doing that then just back the opposite to my predictions because apparently, so some say, they are attractive. But just remember, like I have proven before your own very eyes with my burger story and lovers’ story, opposites do not last and they are not attractive.

So, to conclude look out for all the betting men tips later this week, as always completely free!

You'll Never Bet Alone Times are changing!

Times are changing

It is amazing how every day we learn something new. I took my watch to the jewelers to have it resized and to have a new battery fitted. I said I wind it up it lasts a couple of days and then it stops. Fully expecting to be told how much a battery is instead I was faced with laughter. Apparently wearing it keeps it going. To my amazement I said wow!

I just thought it was batteries not included. But no, no batteries! No solar visible solar panels either like the old Casio calculators, this watch is amazing, it must have a thermoelectric generator built in, converting my own body heat into electricity that is amazing!! Laughter again, no it does not have a thermo generator or invisible solar panels just a moving mechanism in it that winds the watch up as you move. I have to ask myself, did my fellow tipster know this when he advised me to get a new battery for my watch?

One of life’s greatest mysteries I may never know, still as I expected, some watches do have batteries still. Some teams are still doing what you would expect them to do, winning all their matches, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid for example. However, there are a lot of teams that are not meeting expectation and a lot of teams that are exceeding it.

If one thing is for sure, regardless of our expectations, times have changed. No longer can you expect Spurs, Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal to all win their games this weekend, despite them playing teams that should, and I mean no disrespect, be losing these fixtures. Or maybe I am just living in the past and making unrealistic assumptions, like assuming England would have scored more goals then Kosovo. (own goal for those of you wondering).

Talking about change it is time for me to be top of the league table for the first time this season here are my tips, both early and free! My Banker – Liverpool -2.5, Man City -2.5 and Barcelona to win. Liverpool in the form they are in should hammer Newcastle at home, Man city will not be out done and should score at least 3 goals against Norwich. Barca Should win. This banker is 4.7/1. Double Up – Tottenham to win BTTS and Man Utd to win BTTS. Odds 9/1. Again, both teams should win but neither have shown me they are capable of winning convincingly and Crystal Palace and Leicester are a handful for any team. Elite – Liverpool and Man City to win both halves, Tottenham, Arsenal, Barcelona -1.5 goals. Odds 20/1. Should all happen nothing unusual here. Long Shot – 3-3 draw in the Sheffield United VS Southampton game. 66/1. Why not?

Thinking about new tactics over the international break one thing did come to mind. If you play super 6 you may have noticed the stats. This is a great way of putting together a bet. Look at the fixtures and the percentages of win/lose/draw, its not bulletproof obviously, it is however another way of picking out teams for your bet slip.

I want all my 247 available points this week. Times are changing.

You'll Never Bet Alone International Break

Well a welcomed break for me that’s for sure. I am looking forward to watching some international football and coming back all afresh. Sometimes a break is the best way forward as luck has not been on my side as late. Still I have come agonisingly close on many occasions so far and on a different day I would have had some cracking weeks.

Man Utd were gifted a huge advantage away to Southampton playing ten men on Saturday and still couldn’t find the winner, Chelsea then threw away a two goal lead at home to Sheffield United. The only team doing what they are suppose to at the moment is Liverpool, and looking back at them being evens on a -1.5 I really should have lumped that. Either way that was my banker lost and it really shouldn’t have.

My elite 5 fold – funny enough after last weeks blog “one goal away” it was let down by one goal, I correctly selected Leicester, Westham, Crystal palace, Everton but Newcastle only drew, costing me 199 points! So they can beat spurs but give Watford their first point of the season. I think there is irony in there somewhere. Maybe I will call my next blog I am going to get 300 points, as 3rd time lucky become just that and one goal away become just that.

My double up Barca drew and Atletico overturned a two-goal deficit to win 3-2 at home to Eiber. On top of that Spurs played some of the best football they have played all season against a inform Arsenal ruining their undefeated run this season, after losing to Newcastle the week before. Who would be a tipster in this environment hey?

It’s all about Tipster Stevester winning 4 out of the first 5 weeks, that’s an incredible hit rate, one I don’t think we have seen in the betting men before. My only bragging rights is I won the other week! One can only hope this international break ruins his run of good fortune! Cannot be putting up with this all season. First job back is overturning what could be -90 points if I don’t score anything next time out.

On reflection Its been a fantastic start to this season of football, full of dramas, probably more draws in the prem already then last season and the truth is I will miss it this weekend, especially the sound of the MOTD theme tune. Close is not good enough, I know that, on reflection I have just been pretty unlucky, I need to go away and find out where the f has gone from the start of my name.

Just to let you all know there will be no bettingmen tipster tips this week, however we all like to play when the cats away, so watch out on our social media pages for our free tips.

You'll Never Bet Alone One goal away

I’m only one goal away

If only the keeper didn’t save the day

The bettingmen would have nothing on me

I was only one goal away.....

Lunch time Kick Off, Saturday 24th August, Chelsea and Norwich go in at HT 2-2. To say I was slightly excited that my weekend was going to get off to a fantastic start was an understatement. 3-2 Chelsea and I’m thinking cha cha ching!!

As it turns out Chelsea not getting a 4th goal was the unravelling of my weekend, costing me around 80 points. If I predicted one thing last week it was the other tipsters will be looking to have a good weekend and that’s exactly what they did, they all got their longshots, Steve scored over 50 points! The best this season so far! If you had followed his tips last week you would have more than doubled your money!

To make the weekend worse Man Utd, Fulham and Tottenham all lost matches they should have won. Being a Spurs fan that was the final 'kick when your down' and I'm worried for them after watching them fail to score at home to Newcastle. So, I got no points in the betting men and lost all my bets thanks to Spurs and Man Utd. Couldn’t get any worse really. Oh, I didn’t tell you, lucky for me I chose this weekend to visit family, being bank holiday weekend and all. First time I have been to county Durham. First time I’ve been to Newcastle, nice to see so many happy Newcastle fans, not!

For a pessimist a weekend like that would have been terrible. Pessimists will probably be checking the odds for Spurs being relegated, however that’s just not me. I still can’t stop smiling to myself thinking, I almost had you! I would do it all again, because last weekend it wasn’t me, it was definitely them. Crystal Palace I'm probably angry with the most, not for beating Man Utd, but for not playing like that in every game.

Am I going to change my ways this weekend? Following reports of racism for a penalty miss, sexism towards female referees and problems in the dressing rooms affecting performances on the pitch, it’s not me that needs to change my ways. It’s the players that are taking their shirt number for granted that need to change. It’s the supporters that feel discrimination has a place in this world that need to change. It’s the inconsistency of VAR that needs to change. I am certainly overdue a good weekend, but that’s the beauty of the game, and that is what we need to think about. We all need to remember it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe in or who you support. Points are not dropped because of sex, sexuality, religion or race or given for how much you get paid or how big your club is. When it comes to football, we are equal, we are all judged in the same way. When it comes to football, we are all only one goal away!

As always, have fun and look out for this week’s tips on the Betting Men!

You'll Never Bet Alone On your marks……

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live if its not a roundabout breaking up my journey it’s a traffic light. I hate traffic lights, if you get caught by one you know you're getting caught by them all, every single one. This time of year is the worst, you're lured into a false sense of security, school holidays, traffic is eased, you can get to work easier, its lovely. Roll on two days and you think you have slept through world war 3, there’s holes everywhere, you can’t get off your driveway. Luckily enough there has been a quick response from the authorities, they have come out and put barriers around the holes. There are dedicated men to keep you safe, whilst risking their own life’s in all weathers holding what is basically a manual traffic light, the stop start sign.

It is one of life’s greatest mysteries. How does he turn it around without causing a crash? A bit like when PSG lose, what are the odds of that. Ask my fellow betting men tipster Aaron, cost him 1st place last week. It’s weeks like that I like, I avoided Bayern, PSG, Barcelona and City who all dropped points, won the week, the biggest win of the season so far on the betting men! All this on the back of a suitably titled blog 3rd time lucky. But I only liked it. Why I here you ask? Brighton cost me my 9/1 banker and Chelsea my 6/1 Elite, that’s the difference between love and like, them both drawing. Hindsight I could have put many other teams in my banker, Liverpool for example but where’s the fun in that?

As you have probably established, I am as competitive as the rest, I bet to win, money, the betting men, I like to win. We all have it in us. I also like winning to be fun. Like at traffic lights. I love it when I pull up at the traffic lights, waiting patiently for the lights to change on a lovely hot day, in my family estate car. It’s a little old, the air con doesn’t work as well when its stationery, you have to wind down the window to stay cool. What is that noise? Sounds like a heard of elephants coming from behind, your seat is vibrating, boom, boom, you check your mirrors, all you can see is a cloud, omg it is actually a heard of elephants. Its getting closer, what’s that smell? Cherry? Then you realise its just a group of teenagers in their little 1.1 litre 3 door white hatch, with go faster stripes, down the middle, vaping as they pull up beside you. Is their accelerator cable stuck? Oh no they are reving their engine. Their cheerleaders in the back absolutely love them as they rev the engine, go forward a little, and roll back. Wow.

Now we all have all done what happens next. You check your car is in first gear, twice, and it is. You rev back, even though you know your car is old, but you also know its only you in it and it’s a 1.9 diesel. You know they don’t know this, they see a beaten up, old car, they are laughing, they are pointing.

With another rev and a glare you have accepted their challenge, and you grip the steering wheel a little tighter than normal, you can hear your own heartbeat, you are aware of your breathing. GO! You floor it so hard you fly of the line so quick your car cannot burn the diesel quick enough, leaving them in a cloud of black thick smoke, you’ve won! Losers! Absolutely chuffed, even the aircon is working better again as you cruise along, doing 33 mph in the 30. They are only just becoming visible past the thick black cloud of smoke you left. Haha losers, you wave bye bye to them. Then you see that stop sign, you quickly wind your window up and lock all the doors, as you wait at that stop sign, boom, boom, boom, the sweet smell of cherry reappears, you can feel their eyes on you, their angry eyes to go with that angry shouting they call music. If you didn’t know what it was already you would think it was dumbo and his mother trying to outrun the circus.

You don’t dare look back. It doesn’t matter that its like a greenhouse in your car and you're sweating, you don’t look back. Change the sign already! Come on! GO! Foot down, I'm off the mark!

As always, look out for this weeks tips on the betting men. No one likes losing and I expect a great week from all tipsters. Good luck, have some fun!

You'll Never Bet Alone 3rd Time Lucky!

It's back and its under way. What a start we have seen! Liverpool winning convincingly against a Norwich team in high spirits only to be put in their place by Man City scoring five against, on paper anyway, the more difficult of opponents away from home. Man Utd would have got beaten if it weren’t for the gift of a penalty in the first half, Chelsea looked good up to that point. Probably the biggest shock of the weekend for me was Watford poor performance at home.

The EFL Cup is on tonight! I absolutely love watching the cup matches. Some great head to heads to look forward to, especially Salford Vs Leeds. Just have to back Salford, don’t you? For me it’s all about the B’s, Barnsley, Blackburn, Brentford would be my Banker treble for tonight 1.65/1. Other teams I fancy include West Brom, Hull, Wycombe, Swansea, Shrewsbury, Nottingham Forest, Blackpool, Oxford and Plymouth. Unfortunately, this is the cup and anything can happen, so I put the 9 other teams in an Acca, all to win at odds of 653.55/1. As for a nice single, Celtic in the Champions League qualifiers provides great value at 2/1 for them to win by 2 or more goals.

My journey so far………... Ever worked so hard you cannot wait for a holiday. It then comes you are so excited! You spend ages trying to fit far too much stuff the Mrs has given you into a car. It’s a week you say, a week! Somehow you get it all in, no leg room, the rear-view mirror redundant, but you’re in and your away. It’s a good journey, hardly anything on the road, your favourite tunes are playing, there are plenty of snacks. Sun is shining! Pull onto the motorway and you know, this is the opportunity to really try and beat that satnav time, you stick to 10% above the speed limit, like a unwritten rule, your being rebellious, but you know you won't get caught for speeding at only 10% above the speed limit. All because there was once a bloke, somewhere, in a pub that had a couple of drinks who turned to his mate, who also had a couple of drinks and said, you know you can do 10% above the speed limit without getting caught. This bloke, then told his mate, this is called the ripple effect.

You’ve managed to knock ten minutes off your time, you look at your Mrs proud of yourself, she looks back at you, she smiles, oblivious to your achievements of the day already (Getting up, squeezing a house full of stuff into a car, and even with all this extra weight in the car you still knocked 10 minutes of the arrival time) and she replies what? You continue with your journey, you see brake lights, you hear why did you come this way? From your Mrs. As you apply the brakes, and put your hazards on to tell all the other drivers there is an accident ahead, you accept your Mrs is right, you could have gone another way, all previous achievements count for nothing. Some idiot has spoilt the day for everyone. Ironically, probably because they didn’t listen to the blokes down the pub, the real experts, the idiot probably caused a crash by going more than 10% over the speed limit. For me, week one this idiot was Bayern Munich not winning costing me 120 points, whilst week two was Crystal Palace failing to score against ten men Everton. If only they had listened to all those footballing experts down the pub screaming at them, they would have avoided any accidents. This week however, this is different, this is 3rd time lucky!

Look out for my weekend predictions later this week on The Betting Men.

You'll Never Bet Alone Pre Season - Just a Friendly!

Hello and welcome to the Betting Men. Welcome to my blog. We are about to go on a journey people and I hope you are ready. The destination, unknown, but I promise you I will be trying my hardest to avoid putting my head between my legs and kissing my money good bye along the way!

If last season is anything to go by, it’s going to be an amazing journey. One that brings you moments when you are watching the final seconds tick down, hoping, praying for the goal you so desperately want to go in, and then the final whistle sounds. You have lost your bet and lost your money. It hurts, you sit there staring, thinking, questioning, but not blaming because it was a good bet just the wrong result.

The same good bet sometimes wins quickly in the first few seconds of placing it, easy money, no sweat, good bet and correct result. Then there’s the special one. 90 minutes have passed, there is 4 added on. 4 I shout, 6 subs, a red card, a penalty, a streaker and you only get 4? A player was down with cramp for longer. You have no finger nails left, they should have scored 6, but they haven’t scored one, the keeper is having the best game of his life, if hitting the woodwork produced points you would have won the league by now. You look at your phone and realise you have done more steps in the last 5 minutes then 5 hours. Its 95 minutes, it’s a goal kick, it’s all over, not again. Odds suspended. That’s it over. GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! This moment my friends this is football. This is the betting men!

I simply cannot wait for this season. It seems ages ago the premiership played their last game. I am a Spurs fan and trust me when I say I experienced everything last season. When asked about this season and supporting spurs it is hard to explain what it is like, but looking forward to the new season I finally understand and can explain to you exactly what it is like. It is like Christmas, you look forward to it, you hope it will be the best one yet, you open your present and you get socks, again. Last season, well, that was the Christmas you have a different shape present under the tree. It is not sock shape, what is this mysterious box shape looking present? Maybe it’s a watch, it’s that sort of size.. Maybe it’s a special cup, it’s that size... What is it?? Then Christmas day comes, you rip the present open with more excitement then you have had in years. Then you realise, it’s just a box, a box full of socks.

Good luck to you all for the season ahead, at the very least I promise you a laugh, drama and hopefully some wins along the way. I never bet to lose and you’ll never bet alone!

You'll Never Bet Alone Another Day, Another Dollar!

So, I'm known as an optomistic better. I don't always look at the odds, but I'll never choose something that I believe won't win. I may select underdogs, but you'd be surprised how many times those underdogs come through.

This coming season will be my 5th as a member of the Betting Men and I'm looking forward to challengimuppppppeeetttttttng the others for the right to be the Ultimate Gambler.

Follow my posts on Facebook and Twitter and see how I get on. Good luck if you join me. Let's make some money.

Example Wins from last season:

  • 8 fold acca of 50/50's @ 182/1
  • 3-3 draw prediction @ 50/1
  • 2 matches to be a draw @ 11/1
  • 10 fold accumulator @ 33/1
  • Underdog Longshot @12/1