This Time Next Year.. What a week..

Eight selections, four of them fell behind early doors, all of them came back to either draw, win or at least take the lead and allow you to cash out for almost full profit. Tell me this isn't the best and most profitable way of making money on the betting markets.

Bayern fell behind and came back to win emphatically. Barcelona fell behind and came back to draw 2-2 although they lead 2-1 and at that stage you could've cashed out for almost all the profit. Atletico Madrid fell behind and came back to win 3-2. Finally, Sporting Lisbon. They fell behind very early on and then completely dominated the game. They came back to lead 2-1 with just 10 minutes left. I cashed out as soon as they took the lead and accepted 80% of the potential profit. A red card and 2 penalties later and Sporing lost 3-2. However, if you followed the rules and suggestions you'd have won 4 out of 4 for the week.

The other 4 suggested teams all took the lead and never fell behind. Another successful week in this blog came to a close with a serious amount of profit. Hope you were on board. If you weren't, where have you been?

This weeks tips are as follows:

  • Real Madrid (v Levante - Saturday 12.00pm)
  • Liverpool (v Newcastle - Saturday 12.30pm)
  • Salzburg (v Hartberg - Saturday 4.00pm)
  • PSG (v Strasbourg - Saturday 4.30pm)
  • Napoli (v Sampdoria - Saturday 5.00pm)
  • Benfica (v Gil Vicente - Saturday 7.00pm)
  • Olympiakos (v Volos - Saturday 7.30pm)
  • Inter Milan (v Udinese - Saturday 7.45pm)

Another week with 8 games to keep an eye on. All 8 fall on a very busy Saturday. If, like me, you're busy this weekend, spend 5 minutes on bet365 finiding each of the above games and set alerts on them for goals. When you click on the particular game, at the top there is an image of a bell. Click this and it'll give you options for which alerts you'd like on this game. I always set goals so I don't miss a team falling behind. When you realise how easy it is to make profit on this system every week, you'll agree that it's foolish to miss out on the opportunity.

In my opinion this week, the best chances for value are likely to come at the Bernabau where Real Madrid take on Levante. Eden Hazard makes his debut but they're always suspect at the back. Elsewhere, I wouldn't be surprised to see Inter Milan fall behind at home to Udinese. But with Lukaku and co firing on all cylinders they won't lose this game.

Good luck to you all.


Current win/loss - 8 Wins from 8

This Time Next Year.. 4 for 4..

"There's 15 minutes on the clock here at the Camp Nou and Real Betis have taken the lead through Nabil Fekir...." .. But that's as good as it got for the visitors. By the 77th minute Barca led 5-1. A dream home debut from Antoine Greizmann, which included 2 goals and an assist, helped the hosts on their way.

After that Fekir goal hit the net the odds reopened at 1/4 on Barcelona double chance. £400 went on, another £100 profit was banked. The system is now 4 for 4. 100% record continues.

No joy in the other 5 games. Juventus, PSG, Salzburg & Inter all won without conceeding whilst Real Madrid took the lead late on before a stoppage time equaliser. But we don't mind these results, infact we expect these results. No one expected Barca to fall behind. But they did. And as a result, we did.

This weeks tips are as follows:

  • Bayern Munich (v Mainz - Saturday 2.30pm)
  • Chelsea (v Sheff Utd - Saturday 3.00pm)
  • Man City (v Brighton - Saturday 3.00pm)
  • Barcelona (v Osasuna - Saturday 4.00pm)
  • AC Milan (v Brescia - Saturday 5.00pm)
  • FC Porto (v Guimaraes - Saturday 7.00pm)
  • Atletico Madrid (v Eibar - Sunday 6.00pm)
  • Sporting Lisbon (v Rio Ave - Sunday 6.30pm)

So, 8 games to keep an eye on including 6 on a busy Saturday. Last week i singled out Barcelona v Betis as potentially the toughest game and therefore the best opportunity at a DC bet. This week it's a tough choice as to which game to single out. Milan v Brescia won't be a one sided affair but I can't see the home side losing. After a loss at Udinese last week they'll be desperate to get points on the board. Sporting are currently top of the Portuguese league but it wouldn't at all surprise me to see them win from behind. Chelsea are finally getting going after a win at Norwich last week but still look suspect at the back and as such i doubt anyone would be surprised if they won with both teams scoring.

Bayern, Man City, Barca and Porto should all win very comfortably whilst Atletico are almost unbeatable at home conceeding so few goals.

Good luck to you all.


Current win/loss - 4 Wins from 4

This Time Next Year.. All Aboard..

Week 1 brought about 2 opportunities. Both won. Week 2 saw Bayern Munich fall behind early in the game, having previously lead, at home to Hertha Berlin. The odds on Double Chance re-opened at 1/6. £600 on in order to win another £100 profit seemed almost guaranteed. And that's how it turned out. It finished 2-2 but Bayern dominated the second half and should have easily won the game. However, they didn't need to and we don't care that they didn't because the draw is a win for us.

Unfortunately, all 7 of the other selections were level or ahead at half time and as a result, we sat those matches out. Can't complain though. 3 opportunities, 3 winners so far this campaign. 100% strike ratio.

This weeks tips are as follows:

  • Juventus (v Parma - Saturday 5.00pm)
  • Real Madrid (v Valladolid - Saturday 6.00pm)
  • Barcelona (v Betis - Sunday 8.00pm)
  • Salzburg (v Admira - Sunday 4.00pm)
  • PSG (v Toulouse - Sunday 8.00pm)
  • Inter Milan (v Lecce - Monday 7.45pm)

6 games to keep an eye on this week. Juventus are first up. At 1/3 away from home against a Parma side that ought not to pose any danger to a star studded Juve line up and we all expect the Old Lady to win comfortably.

The other 5 picks are all home teams and all against very weak opponents. The toughest of the bunch is potentially Barcelona who host Real Betis. In the corresponding fixture last season, Betis stunned Barca with a deserved 4-2 victory at the Camp Nou. But they couldn't do it again could they?

Good luck to you all.


Current win/loss - 3 Wins from 3

This Time Next Year.. Off to a flyer!

So, who jumped on the 2 teams that fell behind in the first half last week? Anyone that did can already see why this is the most profitable line of betting out there.

Salzburg & PSV both fell 1-0 behind and as recommended, I jumped on the Double Chance odds for both as soon the odds reappeared. Salzburg were 2/9 DC and PSV were 1/4 DC. I had £450 on Salzburg & £400 on PSV returning a very easy £200 profit as both teams won their respective matches.

All 6 tips won their matches with ease as it turned out, which helped to create an excellent start to the blog.

This weeks tips are as follows:

  • Bayern Munich (v Hertha Berlin - Friday 7.30pm)
  • Club Brugge (v Eupen - Friday 7.30pm)
  • Dortmund (v Augsburg - Saturday 2.30pm)
  • Celtic (v Dunfermline - Saturday 3pm)
  • Ajax (v VVV Venlo - Saturday 5.30pm)
  • Porto (v Vitoria Setubal - Saturday 9.30pm)
  • Rangers (v East Fife - Sunday 3pm)
  • Atletico Madrid (v Getafe - Sunday 9pm)

8 selections to monitor this weekend. All are playing very poor sides that shouldn’t trouble their opponents but if any of them fall behind you know what to do. I will always look to win £100 profit regardless of odds, but you should set your own affordable limit & target.

Looking at the odds of the 8 favourites, Celtic & Rangers might be the toughest to get any value from as both are very short odds pre match, but you never know what we might pick off. Atletico could be the best if we’re assessing the rest by their current starting odds. At 1/2, the bookies obviously don’t see them as massive favourites, possibly partly down to the sale of Antoine Greizmann. I don’t deny that they will miss him, but the purchase of Felix Joao is going to soften the blow.

Good luck to you all.


Current win/loss - 2 Wins from 2

This Time Next Year.. Ready?..

Welcome to the most profitable blog you’ll ever read.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor do I claim to win every bet i place. However, this style of betting will win you more money on a regular basis than any other form.

Welcome to In-Play Betting!

Unlike most tipsters and tipping websites who post the occasional in play bet 30 seconds before the event, rendering it almost impossible to get your money on, this blog will be up every Thursday night with a comprehensive run through the selected games to watch out for and monitor throughout the weekend, along with the suggested odds to watch for and stake I will be placing on the selected games.

What makes this blog different from the others? Firstly, I don’t tip teams to win, I tip them not to lose. Secondly, you’ll know over 24 hours before a game begins exactly what you’re looking out for. Thirdly, and finally, I back everything I suggest that you bet on. I can’t stand the pages and sites that tell you to do something without either having the balls to do it themselves or the belief that it can win.

So, here’s how it works. I’ve listed below a number of teams who are very short odds to win. Now, we’re not betting on the matches pre game, we’re going to keep an eye on them in the hope that one (or hopefully a few) fall behind in the first half and as soon as they do, we’re going to back them not to lose using the ‘double chance’ market. This means that providing the short odds favourites don’t end up losing, we win.

Now, when it comes down to it, choose the stake that suits you and your budget. For example, if the odds re appear with ‘team a’ 1/5 in the double chance markets we know that a £5 bet will only win us £1 profit. Doesn’t sound like a lot but if we can do a few then it adds up. If you risk more, you win more. Bet £500 on that and you stand to win £100 profit. £500 seems like a big outlay but if you’re backing something you consider a ‘dead cert’ then it’s also seen as buying money. Whatever you choose, makesure you can afford it. You won’t win every time but I guarantee that by the end of the season this bet type will have you in profit. A very nice profit at that.

This weekend see’s the return of the Premier League along with Ligue 1 & a few other European top flights, meaning, money to be made.

Selections -

  • Liverpool (v Norwich - Friday 8pm)
  • Salzburg (v Wolfsburger - Saturday 4pm)
  • Ajax (v Emmen - Saturday 6.45pm)
  • Benfica (v Pacos Ferreira - Saturday 9.30pm)
  • PSV (v Den Haag - Sunday 7pm)
  • PSG (v Nimes - Sunday 8pm)

All of these are around 1/6 and all are at home. We’re hoping for the away side to take the lead so we can jump on the home side as soon as the odds re appear. The likelihood is that the DC odds will be better that the odds on the home team winning before the game. And we won’t even need them to win.

Remember, keep your stakes to a level you can sustain. You will make a good percentage of profit providing you stick to the rules.


This Time Next Year.. That's What We Do..

For years now, I've made a lot of money backing the giants of world football in-play once they fall behind. I don't even back them to win. I back them simply not to lose using the 'Double Chance' market. There's rules however. Stick to limits you predetermine before the games, both time wise as well as stake amount.

There's plenty of money to be made. Like most investments however, you do have to speculate to accumulate. Nothing in this world is for free.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it...”
Thomas Jefferson - 3rd president of the United States of America

It's important to not allow yourself to get carried away with what you consider to be a 'not to be missed' offer. The limits will keep you away from creating any potentially huge losses.

My rules for this bet include:

  • Trying to win a set amount on every bet (£100 is my target)
  • Never bet more that 5x what you want to win
  • Choose your target matches before the weekend starts
  • Keep track of your history to see how it works for you

Every week I'll give a review of the week before's tips and provide all of my picks for the weekend ahead. I'll also give an example of minimum odds and maximum stake for each bet.

So check back once the season get's underway for the best regular money making tips!