Welcome to the home of The Betting Men

Welcome to the home of The Betting Men. We are a team of 4 sports tipsters with an eye for a good price. There are many football or sports tipping websites around, almost all of which charge to join and view their "Premium Tips". We don't. Everything we choose will be available online for all to see. So feel free to look around, pick what you like, avoid what you don't. But whatever you choose to do, let us know. We'll cheer your bets on too.

Although mainly focused around football, our tipsters will also post many tips for other sports including tennis, snooker, golf, horse racing, baseball, basketball and american football. We will be running many challenges through the year including a team challenge between our tipsters. Check out the betting men challenge and see if you can do better than we can.

“Money won, is far sweeter than money earned..”
Paul Newman